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Don’t Over-Do It.

Don’t Over-Do it. Walking the sartorial tightrope while making a statement is a tough job.  There is a very fine line between sensible style and going overboard.  We have observed this dilemma in selvedge denim – when shuttle-loom denim took over like a invasive weed.  A plain pair of work-wear dungarees was not enough.  There […]

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Levis & Lee?

Lee or Levis? A brief history of the two denim icons. Levis (the brand, as we know it) was founded in May, 1853 by German immigrant Levi Strauss.   Strauss “borrowed” denim work wear from France and capitalized on the booming US/California work trade by offering durable and affordable chore wear for the working classes.  […]

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