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Fashion & Water Consumption.

Do you know how much water it takes to make a tee shirt? 713 Gallons. Do you know how much water is used to make a pair of jeans? 1800 Gallons. These are insane statistics.  Based on simple math, we figure we’re saving millions of gallons of water by wearing vintage clothing.   For context, […]

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Vintage (real) Sportswear.

There’s vintage sportswear and there’s vintage Sportswear.  A double market you say?   There are the jersey collectors and Nascar tee collectors and this-kinda-thing collectors.  Collectors.  You can’t wear this out to dinner or to a movie like you would wear a vintage Banlon or piece of leather.  Sure, folks collect Pierre Balmain and Dior […]

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The Vintage Quiz.

The Vintage Buyers and Sellers Quiz.  I am a very lucky person.  I am often asked H.D.Y.G.T.F.A.J.? (or, How Did You Get That Awesome F****g Job?)  There are many perks to dealing in the vintage world aside from the clothing and the experiences.  There are also countless people I meet and get to know personally.  […]

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