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Levis & Lee?

Lee or Levis? A brief history of the two denim icons. Levis (the brand, as we know it) was founded in May, 1853 by German immigrant Levi Strauss.   Strauss “borrowed” denim work wear from France and capitalized on the booming US/California work trade by offering durable and affordable chore wear for the working classes.  […]

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Leather Jacket Coolness?

Leather Jackets. Can a leather jacket make you cool?  Let’s dive deep into this. We all know the history of the leather jacket and if you’re short on your history lessons – here’s a very brief leather timeline.  Leather jackets arrived as military-wear and carried over into post-world war fashion as a work wear staple.  […]

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Original Vintage Led Zeppelin Concert T Shirt.

What’s the value in a Vintage T-Shirt?

What is a Vintage T Shirt? (I mean, really.) So you’re into vintage? We’re going to assume you probably fall into the a late GEN-X category since you’re still digging for those killer vintage scores. You probably started out as a youngster watching classic shows, subconsciously identifying with eras that tapped into your soul. The […]

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