about-the-clothing-warehouseThe Clothing Warehouse was founded in 1992 by a kid from Ohio with the dream of working in the fashion business.

After spending some time building and selling small businesses in New York City, he decided to make the move to the South with the help of a friend to open a warehouse that began solely as a vintage exporting outfit.

As inventory grew, they decided to open up the front of the warehouse into a small retail shop where they could share some of the most unusual and original finds with the rest of Atlanta. Business flourished, clientele grew, demand increased, and The Clothing Warehouse was established.

Unlike most vintage clothing stores where clothing is stuffed in bins and cluttered on racks, TCW’s innovative approach and creative display of the clothing made him a pioneer in the industry.  Along with the inspiring presentation, the stores were staffed with smart young salespeople who knew the inventory and how to sell it.

Word quickly spread and before long celebrities alongside stylists were shopping at The Clothing Warehouse in hopes of getting their hands on some of the most unique vintage clothing in the world.

After five years of expanding their inventory and enticing loyal customers, The Clothing Warehouse moved to its current location on Moreland Ave. in Little Five Points.

After great success, a decision was made to share The Clothing Warehouse with the world. The buzz surrounding the Clothing Warehouse has redefined the modern perception of what a vintage clothing store can be.