Super WORN Vintage?


A super worn, cotton baseball tee from our Warehouse. 3/4 sleeves and all.

There’s talk that pieces like you see above are a slap to the common consumer.  Where those with means will pay more for something that’s been used, heavily.  Interestingly, there’s something there that money can, sort-of, buy (maybe).  For example, a worn old tee shirt probably has a story to tell, likely many stories of days and nights of wear.  A-la your ‘favorite shirt’ that you’ve worn everywhere, forever.  The confusion starts to build when somebody buys a distressed piece and wears it pridefully, implying the wear is their own and was done so over time with experience.   What does that say?  I was there, and here, and I did stuff, and here’s my proof?  Or is the soft feeling of naturally worn cotton just perfect for a hot summer afternoon?  I guess that’s the mystery.


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