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An excerpt from forthcoming Spring 2020 FM/AM Magazine article.  The Japanese vintage market has been strong for over 40 years.   It is no secret that the Japanese adore American vintage clothing and are willing to go great lengths to source the absolute best pieces.  American traditional style, from Champion Reverse Weave sweats to Levis […]

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Fashion As Design.

What We Wear – How We Wear It – Why We Wear It – What It Means – How It’s Made. These five simple questions are more important now than they ever have been before.   Life has become a system of mass-identification rituals.  Group-likes, viral-trends, social-shames – whatever.  We have flooded the internet with […]

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The Breakers Hotel.

Henry Flagler opened The Breakers Hotel to support his newly constructed Florida East Coast Railway. In 1896 it was known as the Palm Beach Inn.  Guests flocked and soon began requesting rooms with views “over the breakers (waves)” and thus, was renamed The Breakers Hotel in 1901.  Rooms were $4 a night and included 3 […]

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