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Levi’s Jackets.

Some daily eye-candy from our showroom.  There’s an entire secret history inside every Levi’s denim jacket – button codes, stitching colors, pocket shapes, tags and tags…. You can discover a lot about where your jacket came from and who made it by deciphering these secret codes.  If you’ve got some free time you should give […]

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Doc Martens & Red Laces.

Every culture has their secret codes and uniforms.  Some are totally obvious and overt but most are less obvious and esoteric.  Doc Martens, the classic U.K. boot, has been a favorite shoe across most of the punk spectrum.  Did you know lace colors are a code?  This is true and well documented.  Red laced DM’s […]

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An excerpt from forthcoming Spring 2020 FM/AM Magazine article.  The Japanese vintage market has been strong for over 40 years.   It is no secret that the Japanese adore American vintage clothing and are willing to go great lengths to source the absolute best pieces.  American traditional style, from Champion Reverse Weave sweats to Levis […]

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