The Clothing Warehouse Wholesale is a bulk supplier for wholesale vintage clothing

clothing-warehouse-wholesaleWe know wholesale vintage clothing.

We sort through millions of pounds of vintage clothing per year looking for the most stylish and highest quality vintage for our customers. We ensure that only the best pieces are selected for your store. With a dedicated staff that has extensive retail experience, we know what sells in every region of America and all around the world. Before being placed in any of our wholesale warehouses, each piece is carefully and individually examined. If an item does not pass the final test, it is sent to our vintage outlet store.

Would you like the sound of more money in your pocket?

Use our expertise in the vintage industry to your advantage.  By using us as a bulk supplier, you can tap into the source of what’s selling around the world, and how to price, merchandise and increase sales in your store.

We’ve got loads of vintage clothing ready to ship!
We have tons of vintage clothing to choose from.  We stock all the major vintage staples: levis jeans, disco shirts, dresses, men’s poly pants, western shirts, military jackets, leather jackets, lacoste polos, jean jackets, guyaberas, Hawaiian shirts, vintage t-shirts western boots and so much more!  Look at our merchandise to see what we mean.

And we’re easy to do business with…
We have long-term, personal relationships with our customers.  Most store owners just call us up, ask for some advice and their order is shipped within a day.

You can send a request for our current wholesale vintage clothing pricelist and more information.