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An Ode to Cowboy Boots.

Oh, Cowboy Boots. What is it about a perfect pair of cowboy boots? As a concept, they’re pretty perfect in just about every way. Easy to wear, comfortable, protective, and naturally stylish. There is a great divide among boot devotees though - there are those who polish and oil and baby their boots with great pride and there are rock and roll types who wear them to death. Do you fit into either of those categories? A great pair of boots is a pretty easy thing to find these days. There are many new boot shops stocked with every type of skin, color, toe shape and size. They’re ok if you’re completely against the idea of wearing anything vintage and yes, they are way, way more expensive. Since we are a major dealer in all things vintage, lets consider this short post a personal love letter to the vintage cowboy boot. There is nothing quite like the feeling of finding treasure. Those of you who lust after yesterdays fashions understand this completely and the feeling cannot be applied to much else. There is an “I Must Have It” attitude - and dare we say attitude - as the feeling can probably be done more justice when described as a passion. Passion and lust can drive men wild and tales of these exploits have been well documented. I have easily owned over 100 pairs of cowboy boots myself. To be clear, when I say ‘own’, I mean I sought them out, wore them, loved them, and probably either wore them out or sold them for another pair. There is nothing more comfortable than when a pair of vintage boots are in good, soft shape with life still in them. The well traveled chef Anthony Bourdain says that cowboy boots are second to going barefoot - and I’d agree. There’s also an edge to wearing a killer pair of boots. Akin the leather jacket, one does give forth the air of outlaw bad-ass-ness while wearing those boots. (Naturally paired with the right jeans and rocker tee) Unfortunately, cowboy boots are not the best footwear for the jungle or the beach and they do get hot so there’s a modicum of discomfort to be had if one plans to wear their boots in the summer. However, given how hot-damn cool they look, this can be negotiated as nearly all fashion comes with the dreaded comfort-tax. But hell, so you gotta sweat a little bit and maybe get a blister or two to look amazing, big deal. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

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