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Fashion As Design.

What We Wear - How We Wear It - Why We Wear It - What It Means - How It's Made.

These five simple questions are more important now than they ever have been before. Life has become a system of mass-identification rituals. Group-likes, viral-trends, social-shames - whatever. We have flooded the internet with our 'individual expressions.' Back in the day, it used to be important to watch the the cool folks start new trends INDIVIDUALLY. Now we watch and see who the 'early adopters' are and who's 'dressing like so & so' before everyone else, eventually, does, too.

Sounds, boring, to me.

So let's think. Who are you? What do you want to tell the world? How are you able to do that? Here's two quick examples:

Eco-conscious young folks can all be seen wearing the same brands, for the same reasons (functional, fashionable, trendy) - recycled, sustainable manufacturers etc. Denim-Dudes (and Dudettes) hunt out those 19.5oz chore jeans and brass chain-wallets - functional, fashionable, trendy - made in USA, natural materials, long lasting product etc.

Just a little lo-fi thought food for you all.

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