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How do you dress yourself? (by #wiwt or #ootd or #ofotd....)

A sampling of something from our warehouse you should be wearing this summer. A future #wiwt, if you will.
What is an outfit anymore? Yeah, we're all wearing costumes and the worlds a stage to quote somebody else - but where is it going? Just about everyone has worn just about everything and the cycles are seemingly growing shorter and at a faster refresh rate. So? (you say) What does philosophy have to do with what I wear? Well, a lot actually. I'm proposing asking yourself a few questions:
  1. Do I have my own style?
  2. If I do, who/what are my icons or inspiration and why (and does that even matter)?
  3. Do I dress for occasions or always for comfort?
  4. Is this a uniform? Or is it ME? (Poodle Skirt or Business Suit, same deal.)
An afternoon spent introspectively meandering one's own psyche will likely stir-up a few ah-ha's for which you weren't quite prepared. The clothing we wear immediately says things that words cannot, before we even try to explain ourselves. Clothing can incite immediate acceptance and rejection. Some places won't even let you inside if you're dressed a certain way. Makes sense, right? Or not? What does the vintage dress/boot combo example above say about somebody? Farmers daughter? Chic Celebrity? Eccentric bike-riding barista? I guess that's always the question, isn't it? It's why we subconsciously choose outfits that match our subconscious 'personas'. Does your closet really represent who you are? :)

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