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Vintage Clothing Trends

Flannel Season!

Flannel Season!

Fall is here.  Which means everything cool is basically back in season.  The Pumpkin Spice is flowing’, the weather is cooling down and those winter staples are breaking out of the closet.  

Flannels?  Oh flannels, flannels, flannels.  How we love you. 
The woodsy-grunge-fashion staple took it’s place long ago as the king of cool. 
How can you argue?  You see them literally everywhere.  Everybody has a favorite flannel (if you don't you should) - your girlfriend (of boyfriend) probably steals yours all the time. 


Worn by everyone including (but certainly not limited to) Paul Bunyan, that paper towel guy, every bad ass grunge band in history, the sexiest celebrities and non-conformist punks.  Show us another crossover like that and we’ll kiss you. 

Looking for the best vintage flannels?  You know where to go.  The Clothing Warehouse always have them and we always will.   


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Jackets: Letterman & Varsity.

A Letterman is a student (male or female) who has achieved a measured level of performance on a varsity team.  Varsity Jackets are awarded with 'Letters' displaying the level of athletic ability and success.  Letterman jackets are a symbol of endurance, talent, dedication and discipline.   They're also works of art.  

Traditional designs including school mascots and heavy embroidery are highly collectible both for their historical and aesthetic appeal.  This example circa mid 70's, from Paola, Kansas, is fantastic - the panther patch and color scheme is strong and the cream leather sleeves are a perfect contrast.   This is a wonderful jacket that wasn't just bought somewhere, someone earned this piece and was proud to wear it.  

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Bob Dylan - Look Back.



  One of the rarest tees we've seen in a while.  Anybody have any info on this graphic?  (Available in our store.  Click the link!)

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Gino Vanelli.

Gino Vanelli


Gino Vanelli is a Canadian Rock Singer that you've probably known by name.  He had a few hits in the 70's including 'Wild Horses', 'I Just Wanna Stop' and 'Living Inside Myself'.  If there was ever an obscure band tee, this just might take the cake.  

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Levi's Jackets.

Levi's Jackets.
Some daily eye-candy from our showroom.  There's an entire secret history inside every Levi's denim jacket - button codes, stitching colors, pocket shapes, tags and tags.... You can discover a lot about where your jacket came from and who made it by deciphering these secret codes.  If you've got some free time you should give your jacket a second look.  You might find something surprising. Continue reading
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