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The Vintage Proposition.

The Vintage Proposition. (Or the modern concept value proposition) Vintage gear is getting expensive! Come on! I guess vintage threads have always been sorta expensive if you’re getting down with serious pieces. Rock tees, leather jackets, a great pair of boots - they’ll all set you back. Which is where this weeks value idea comes to play. The question of how often you’ll wear something is an easy reality - and a useful decision making tool, too. Lets say a pair of vintage jeans sets you back fifty bucks. You’ll probably wear those jeans every day for at least a year. That’s 50/365. By the math that’s a pretty cheap investment in quality and happiness. Now, a vintage rock tee may set you back two hundred bucks. And you’re likely to wear it maybe once a week. That’s 200/52. Considerably higher than those vintage Levi’s you swiped from our shop. Guess it’s really just all in the math and down to what your budget can handle. Unless there’s something so rare, so amazing and so cool that you’ll chance not paying the rent on time to have. And well, when that happens, you just gotta buy it.

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