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The Vintage Quiz.

The Vintage Buyers and Sellers Quiz. I am a very lucky person. I am often asked H.D.Y.G.T.F.A.J.? (or, How Did You Get That Awesome F****g Job?) There are many perks to dealing in the vintage world aside from the clothing and the experiences. There are also countless people I meet and get to know personally. We discuss what’s cool and what’s not in whatever corner of the world they may live. I learn interesting bits of this and that - almost always things I would never expect from even less likely suspects. Vintage dealers are a global network of treasure hunters. Vintage buyers are another sort of category, both good and, well, kind of just as good, sometimes. If you’re a seller, then this quiz is for you as a sort of customer to seller training exercise. I will chuckle to myself, assuming that you’re doing the same while reading this. So you want to buy some vintage clothing? No problem! Here’s a short pop quiz on what ‘vintage’ clothing actually means. 1.Every Pair of 1980’s Denim Will Fit Me. A. True. B. False. C. Sometimes with a coat hanger. D. They will if you take them to a tailor. 2. Do you have any 1970’s Arena Rock Tour Tees For Five Bucks Each In Bulk? A. Yes. B. No. C. OH! Finally someone is going to buy these! D. Seriously? 3. I Can’t Take Any Pieces That Have Any Marks Or Wear. And They Must Be All 1960’s Party Pieces. Is that cool? A. Sure! Got Tons In The Back. B. No. C. Sounds like a lame party. D. No. 4. Your Price Tag Says $100. Would You Take $15? I Can Pay With Cash. A. Sorry, We Only Take Bitcoin. B. You Mean Like, Real-Money-Type-Cash? C. Yes, Thank You! D. The Price Tag Says $100. 5. I Bought This (Leather Jacket, Dress, Jumpsuit) On Friday Night (It’s Now Monday Morning), Can I Return It? A. Absolutely. B. Do You Have Your Receipt? C. Would You Like Store Credit? D. Dude, I Was Standing Next To You At The Bar While You Were Wearing It Friday Night.

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