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Trending Alert!

Trendsetting. "Vintage trends." I’m not really sure how I feel about those two words used together in a modern context. (Influencer is up there, too. Vintage Influencer - maybe we call those people historians? ) There’s some kind of contradiction at play there - I feel like a trend is a trend while it’s trending - and then the trend is over. To let a trend disappear, awaiting rediscovery by a new group, is, to me, a whole different thing than, say, setting a new trend. You know? How ‘bout that for some staccato grammar? Because, that’s like what trends are, you know? Let’s focus on rediscovery in place of trending. More like rediscovery with some pop culture connectivity. This doesn’t need to be long so in a shallow nutshell, here’s my argument - TRENDING ALERT! Cosby Sweaters! Why? Because Bill was on trial and wearing a ‘Cosby’ sweater is ironic. Shallowly ironic if I were to be asked about that trends depth because I saw that kinda like wearing your Pat’s Jersey. Rootin’ for the home team, you know? (Sorry, but nobody’s rootin’ for Bill) TRENDING ALERT! Bum Bags! Why? Because even though they’re uglier’n hell they’re functional. Somebody took a chance and made them cool AGAIN (there’s that rediscovery element) and now everybody’s gotta have one. We carry them. Email me for an order. TRENDING ALERT! Chore Jackets! Why? Because dressing like a pipe fitter/chimney sweep/union laborer is cool (ironic) in a post-industrial society where very few folks actually work with their hands. That sounds harsh but it’s true. Anybody actually performing a chore would remove said jacket upon completion of said chore. Would you wear your work clothing straight (from your job) out into the evening hours? No, and they didn’t either. However I will give this a pass because worn denim and canvas is cool in any sense. TRENDING ALERT! Chiffon Cocktail Dresses! Most often seen at swap meets, car shows and estate sales (with a thermos of pink wine). Amirite? My point is not to knock any fashion choice or sense or taste level. They’re all correct. Every one of them has merit and fit’s a personality type and demonstrates an ethos. Outfits are a lot like tools or words or outbursts, sometimes they’re appropriate and sometimes they just ain’t. See you next week.

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