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Vintage Blues.

Vintage ennui, anybody? Ever have the ‘vintage talk’ with somebody? You know, the smirked inquisition - ‘Whats up with that shirt?’ or ‘You really wear old clothes?” (Answer - this shirt is awesome. And yes, we wear old clothes) We can get a bit defensive, can’t we? I mean we’re all guilty of this. Especially with regard to validity, true connoisseurship, allegiance, identification, emotional connection, experience and the like. Funny how wardrobe choices really do make the man (and woman, or person, or them). I can’t recall ever having to defend a plain old pair of jeans or a sensible button down Oxford. Sometimes getting a little quizzed can make you feel like picking up something new and blahhh instead of that sick 80's pullover you' scored. We’re in a pickle of a time because our socio-cultural references are getting blended with modern mental identities. Woah, what’s that mean you say? Let’s hypothesize over a little event I bet you’ve been through: Your friend wears a ‘Heavy Metal Band’ tee (they are not a true fan). You’re a diehard ‘Heavy Metal Band’ fan. You know your friend could not name a single ‘Heavy Metal Band’ song. You’re now angry with your friend, ‘Heavy Metal Band’, and the tee. Houston, we’ve got an existential problem. Questions you’re probably asking yourself are: Am I able to move past this indiscretion and still admire ‘Heavy Metal’? Is my friend worth my time? Cuz, like they don’t know sh*t about music. We’ve all been here. It sucks. The truth though is your friend is probably fine to grab a beer with and they didn’t ruin your favorite band. They haven’t stained your favorite rock tee. They haven’t besmirched your style. They’re just living their life. It’s so easy to get a little sour when this kind of thing happens because just like music, we all experience our vintage lives emotionally. Remember this next time you feel sad because somebody else is wearing a killer cafe racer in the coffee line. We’re all just dressin’ the ways we want to be.

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