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Vintage Vocabulary.

“Vintage is my vocabulary, like the notes of a musician.” -Alessandro Michelle Alessandro Michelle, the director of Gucci (since 2015), knows something. Billie Holliday once told a reporter that she never sang the same song twice. Some nights she sang it sad, some nights she sang it happy, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. If you’re a sensitive type and you’re able to pick up on nuances of emotion then you’re likely to understand this quote in its entirety. Funny how ten simple words can embody what we’re all after here. Vintage is our language, music and soul. For us, any old tee off the rack or some jeans from the mall simply won’t do. Some fashion devotees have been heard telling tales of vintage conquests - how it took them years to find this dress or that jacket. Also you’ve heard stories of just how damn much that one tee shirt meant to me and now it’s gone forever… sound kinda familiar? Take heart my vintage fashion friends. In our century of disposable and useless over-consumption there is melody playing oh so softly that only we can hear. And to me, that makes what we do all the sweeter.

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