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Wearable Vintage Vs. Collector Vintage.

Wearing Vintage vs. Collecting Vintage.

There are distinct merchandise categories in the vintage clothing business based on quality, condition, scarcity etc. Have you considered yourself to fit into a category as a buyer? Because not every vintage piece is for every body, and most often, the prices aren’t either.

Vintage is defined as anything pre-1998, which sounds recent but ’98 was a good twenty years ago. Screaming killer vintage items like 70’s rock tees and BIG E denim are getting REALLY hard to find today. This isn’t because Levi’s had slim production numbers or became Led Zep only performed a few shows - it’s because vintage stuff is getting OLD. You’re talking 45 year old tee shirts. 65 year old jeans. To find any of these pieces (and we’ve got ‘em!) is truly like finding buried treasure.

Now, naturally all things ‘vintage’ or ‘old’ or ‘antique’ - whatever - are not necessarily valuable. However, do you NEED a truly authentic ‘vintage’ tee from the 70’s? Or will another ‘vintage’ - yes, still vintage, 80’s or 90’s re-issue tee make you happy? Because, you see, there’s a big difference in just a decade or two.

A buyer can shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a real-deal, was there in the forum tour in ’78 rock tee shirt but that comes with a serious set of responsibilities.

Can you wear it? And if you stain it, tear it, lose it, are you ok losing that investment?

Can you wash it? Will it get destroyed? Will it Shrink? Will the print literally was off due to age?

These are big things to consider while obsessively trolling social media and drooling over someones concert tee collection. These things are old and they can get damaged. They aren’t really for every day use unless you’re a true rock star on stage - and then it doesn’t matter as there’s enough cash to buy more (or, realistically, be given more for free).

There’s nothing wrong with 90’s vintage. Or 80’s. Or super expensive holy-grail vintage pieces. My point is you should buy what you like and enjoy it. Buy within your price point and wear what you love. And don’t be afraid to get some mustard on your vintage Levi’s.


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