An Eye-Melting Collection of 1970's Denim Advertising

The 70's were weird. And allow me to clarify immediately by saying the 70's were not weird in a bad way. I'll be brief - today's advertising has alienated the general masses. Who can identify with any of these campaigns? Perhaps the "Me" decade (thanks, Tom Wolfe) was more honestly about us 'me's' in the world than the now socially driven, instantly satisfied nonsense we're all beaten with today in the twenty-tens (thanks, whoever coined that). All said, enjoy a collection of sweaty seventies denim advertising aimed at, well, the America of then. The Ken Nordine voiceovers in these commercials are pure joy and the world will likely never hear a sweeter voice again. We can reminisce over the simpler times and to be honest, it was, in some small ways, a little bit better than what's going on today.

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