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Wholesale Inventory

Wholesale Inventory

The Clothing Warehouse Wholesale is a bulk supplier for wholesale vintage clothing.

We’re the only vintage clothing wholesale company that knows what its like to be in your shoes – because we’ve run our stores ourselves and we’ve helped many aspiring retailers open stores for themselves.

We combine the knowledge of wholesale vintage clothing with the experience of running one of the most successful vintage clothing stores in the country.

We spend countless hours traveling the globe looking for the best vintage clothing for your store.  We then send it to our wholesale warehouse in Atlanta and sort through it a second time to make sure the merchandise we send you meets our high standards for great vintage clothing.  Our years in retail vintage have prepared us to identify vintage clothing that will sell well in your store and reflect positively on your brand.

The Goods

Below are examples of some of the categories we carry.  Our selection changes daily so check with us to see what is in stock or what is on the way.

 Contact us today for specials and price lists at wholesale@theclothingwarehouse.com

(404) 268-7288