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Doc Martens & Red Laces.

Every culture has their secret codes and uniforms. Some are totally obvious and overt but most are less obvious and esoteric. Doc Martens, the classic U.K. boot, has been a favorite shoe across most of the punk spectrum. Did you know lace colors are a code? This is true and well documented. Red laced DM's are commonly associated with Anti-Racist punk groups. These folks generally have shaved heads and are often unfortunately confused with their awful, equally bald, opposites. Interesting little fact about vintage footwear. There's so much in our wardrobes.


  • There is no “universal” lace code. It’s largely regional, or whatever SM group you’re in, and specific to DMs, not other boots. Don’t make assumptions about someone just based on their boot laces. For instance, red laces on Danners is just that: red laces. No meaning. That’s just traditional hiking boot lace color.

    Capn Camo
  • White, res, and blue are for boneheads and Hammerheads.
    White = white supremacist
    Red = spilled blood for the movement
    Blue = cop killer

    None of these colors straight laced on Docs have ever been associated with anti racism.

    Check the ADL and SPLC. Hell, even hate groups post these meanings.

    Stop gaslighting
  • Yes red on docs anti racist.

    N word
  • this is just fake news. wear whatever colour show laces you want.

  • Red on Docs is for Nazi
    Punk bands may have worn Gold SHARPS


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