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The Return of Furs


 Furs. What historically was used as a simple tool of survival, later became a symbol of status and wealth. Now as we begin 2024, many trend forecasters and those in the fashion industry are calling for the return of furs. Large chain retail stores currently produce faux fur, but as a vintage store we house and sell real furs that date back to the 1920's.

A particular highlight of our fur collection is one of our newest additions, a 1920's full length Mink Fur coat. 

This specific piece is from the brand Ludwig Inc. Boston. There is scarce information on the company due to its age, but what we have discovered is a protest regarding furs occurring outside of one of its retail locations. 

It is common knowledge that humans originally dressed themselves in animal furs in early civilizations, but in the 1500's the fur trade really began the evolution of this trend. Furs began as a trade item between Native Americans and Europeans in exchange for manufactured goods. The most valuable fur during this time was beaver fur and was commonly used for felted hats in Europe. For many decades, fur was reserved for European nobility, but became more common in the 1800's as furs gained popularity in North America. From the 1920's-1950's, we see furs become a luxury item in the states as movie stars and celebrities popularized them as a symbol of wealth and a part of the dream lifestyle. 

 Now with the rise of animal activist groups and inside looks on animal cruelty, the question becomes, should you feel guilty about wearing vintage furs?

The quick answer is no! It is actually more sustainable than trashing them, or buying faux fur from a fast fashion source. The money spent purchasing a vintage fur in no way profits fur farms so is not supporting an unethical practice. Buying a new faux fur is actually more toxic to the environment due to the cheap materials they are produced with and are less likely to last as long as vintage ones are resulting in more fashion waste. 

If you want to add furs to you "in" list for the new year, buy vintage fur!

Checkout the large selection of these furs at The Clothing Warehouse retail locations, and contact us for more information on wholesale fur pieces! 

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