Greg Brady X Stanley Desantis

Everybody knows Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch. You see a simple Greg Brady promo tee that's been nicely autographed and dedicated to 'Jasmine,' by Mr. Williams himself. Do you know who made this tee? Enter Mr. Stanley DeSantis - actor, pop culture merchant and soap dealer. Mr. Desantis's filmography includes major films like The Aviator and television staples like My So Called Life. However, in the vintage world, DeSantis t-shirts are highly coveted. DeSantis tees included color blocked pseudo-Warholian graphics of John F. Kennedy, Beavis and Butthead cartoons, All-Over-Print Wizard of Oz imagery and simple Greg Brady's as seen above. You're in for a surprise if you're able to find a DeSantis shirt. Flip the size tag over for key life lessons and rules for teenage success.