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History Behind Ortega's Woven Vests

In the early 1700s, Gabriel Ortega was among a group of settlers who came to the Northern Rio Grande Valley to settle in what is now Chimayo, New Mexico. Weaving was an essential skill for the new settlers, providing them with clothes, blankets, rugs, and even mattresses. Ortega passed along his skill of weaving to his son and a legacy was born, the Ortega family has been weaving for 8 generations. In the early 1900s, the family opened a general store in Chimayo, selling their woven goods. As demand increased, the store became what it still is to this day, Ortega's Weaving Shop. The shop sells jackets, vests, rugs, bags, and a variety of other Native American handmade goods.
Getting your hands on one of these unique pieces is like holding a piece of true American history. We were lucky enough to stumble upon one of these rare relics, it still looks great despite its age. We are excited for whoever is bringing this vest home with them, it's truly a gem.
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