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History of Vintage

With the popular rise of vintage, one of the most asked questions is why vintage? I believe the answer to that can be best found within the history of vintage fashion. 

First, what does the word vintage even mean? Vintage is a French word meaning past its time. It also means everything is at least 20 years old. So yes, currently early 2000's are being considered vintage (time flies). 

Although we are currently trying to battle fast fashion with sustainable options such as buying vintage, this fight has been occurring since the 60's, when vintage truly got its start. With the rise of hippie culture in the 60's, vintage began almost as a sort of rebellion to the consumerist lifestyle. Instead of having a closet full of fast fashion pieces that will not last, they coined the idea of having fewer, higher quality items built to last. Vintage is also seen as an act of environmentalism. You are quite literally recycling clothing pieces and giving them new life. 

Looking back on past fashion eras, why wouldn't you want to bring back these styles. 

1920's: "flapper style," long beaded necklaces, dropped waist, raised hemlines

1930's: bias cut gowns 

1940's: wool plaid skirts, brooches, pearls 

1950's: full skirts, nipped waists, bright patterns, sweater sets

1960's: mini skirts, futurism and pop art influences

1970's: patchwork, crochet, knitting, disco era 

1980's: neon, athleisure, shoulder pads

1990's: grunge, minimalism, plaid and flannel, heroin chic

2000's: low-rise denim, platforms, track suits 

 Vintage means durability, sustainability, and the chance to experiment with the history of trends and find a truly unique style. If that doesn't convince you, did you know there are enough clothes on the planet to last the next 6 generations?

At The Clothing Warehouse, we sort and curate tons (literally) of clothing from our wholesale department to deliver you the best in vintage fashion. Browsing our store you will come across items such as vintage Afghans, mod dresses, 50's cocktail dresses, vintage Carhartt, graphic tee's and even some reworked items. Browse our website to see some rare items, and if you are ever in Atlanta or Vero Beach stop in the store and grab some new pieces for yourself! 


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