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Kids Vintage Fashion.

Kids Vintage Fashion. It’s a thing. Oh, here we go into the world of kids fashion. And when we say kids, we are talking to you, social media parents, (moms), who are totally into dressing your little human mannequins with the absolutley-cutest-you-can-find pieces. Modern kids clothing kinda sucks. Unless you’re willing to spend an adult budget on a tykes outfit - you’re sorta left with whatever you can find at the mall. However, there’s an alternative. Skip back a few generations and you’ll find an absolute treasure chest of vintage pieces tailored just for your mini-you. Fabrics used to be made of, you know, fabric. Not the poly/rayon/lycra/who-knows-what blends you find today that can give kids all sorts of skin problems. Not only were the materials better, the styles, cuts and colors were amazing. Because people took pride in dressing up. They were aware and respected senses of occasion. Remember going to church as a kid? You got dressed up. Birthday party? Dressed up. Holiday? Super dressed up. We live in a t-shirt and jeans society anymore - everything is casual. (Why are yoga pants acceptable for Easter dinner?) Why blend in with the casual masses? Also, kids vintage, by comparison to new clothing, is super cheap. And we’re not talking scary used thrift store stuff - we’re talking real deal true vintage. We sell kids vintage pieces to stylists around the globe. Trust us, this is a real thing that hardly anyone is tapping into. So, whether you’re into dressing your little person like a mini Mad Men character, Little Red Riding Hood, Roy Rogers, or Dr. Spock - or something similar to everything you buy from Anthropologie but can’t get in kids sizes, there are plenty of options for you.

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