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Spring 2024 Trends

As the seasons change, so do trends and inevitably our closets. This spring, we are looking for color, fun, and unique takes on ordinary items that you already have. There is something about the return of warmth and flowers that makes us more experimental with our fashion. As we say goodbye to the colder temperatures, let’s take a glimpse into the more playful style we will be looking to achieve.

We’ll start off simple, with a color palette!  We know spring is about brighter colors and warmer weather, so this year be sure to bring out your blues, pinks, and whites. We will be seeing a lot of white dresses and sets made complete with a pop of color like blue trainers or a pink bag. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose your darker or moodier outfits with a brighter color like these. 

When it comes to bottoms, you definitely will want to add some staple midi and maxi skirts to your collection. We will be seeing a lot of flowy, lower waisted skirts paired with all kinds of items. Our favorite, your standard graphic tee! Pair any kind of cool graphic tee with a long skirt, and finish it off with sneakers, boots, or ballet flats. 

The same applies to trendy shorts. Bloomers or boxer shorts paired with a cardigan and the same shoe options will compliment the weather perfectly. The common theme with the majority of these outfits is contrast and juxtaposition. Adding one unexpected thing to your outfit can really help pull it together. Wearing a more “girly” outfit? Pair it with more “masculine” or casual shoes and vice versa! 

Our favorite outfit hack: big glasses. This simple accessory can truly take it to the next level no matter what you are wearing. Large colorful glasses can serve as a statement piece and add a pop of color to a seemingly bland outfit. 

Where to find all of these items? We recommend vintage stores. Lately it is rather difficult to sustainably source clothing to stay with the trends, especially if you are purchasing from fast fashion companies. The best way to stay timeless while being trendy is to shop from vintage stores and small businesses. Local to Atlanta or Vero Beach? Visit The Clothing Warehouse to find all these and more. We carry vintage shorts, graphic tees, cardigans, boots, skirts, and all the big glasses you could ever want! 

*images sourced from Pinterest*

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