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Spuds Mackenzie - The Original Party Animal

In 1987 Bud Light introduced The Original Party Animal - Spuds Mackenzie - a fun loving bull terrier, as their mascot. The dog was adventurous: seen surfing, skateboarding, playing basketball, partying, and much more. The ad campaign only ran for two years, ending because the dog gained more popularity than the product. 
Although our bud Spuds was short lived, his legacy lives on in pop culture. The animated shows The Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy all had Spuds Mackenzie references in recent years and a recent Super Bowl ad had the ghost of Spuds make a cameo. There was even a reference to Spuds in an episode of The Golden Girls that was poking fun of the gender of the dog actually being female, which is true! Spuds Mackenzie was portrayed as a lady-killer macho man when in reality, Spuds was a girl by the name Honey Tree Evil Eye (or Evie for short).
Evie's face can be seen on tons on vintage merchandise ranging from life-sized lamps to stuffed animals to t-shirts, like the one we have in our shop.


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