The Breakers Hotel. – The Clothing Warehouse

The Breakers Hotel.

Vintage Breakers Employee Cabana Tees.
Henry Flagler opened The Breakers Hotel to support his newly constructed Florida East Coast Railway. In 1896 it was known as the Palm Beach Inn. Guests flocked and soon began requesting rooms with views "over the breakers (waves)" and thus, was renamed The Breakers Hotel in 1901. Rooms were $4 a night and included 3 meals a day. Presidents, dignitaries, royalty and those seeking a glimpse into that world are regular guests. Today the Breakers is one of the worlds top luxury hotels. Accommodations start well into the thousands of dollars per night. Above are three cabana-tees from the 1970's/80's. Cocktail girls and bartenders would be seen wearing these ringers. A nice piece of Palm Beach History.

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