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The History Behind Willy Nelson's Annual Fourth of July Picnic

When we found this amazing baseball tee with country legend Willie Nelson in Uncle Sam attire, we got curious! What is this Fourth of July Picnic? How many were there? How scorching hot was it? It's always fun to find out the history behind a vintage piece - and this tee has some super interesting facts that make it an even more rare and fun find. 

It's for sale too!

Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic is an annual (sort of) concert hosted by the beloved country music singer Willie Nelson. At times, it didn't seem that the concert would see the next year, but several years (skipping some here and there) and many locations later, this concert brainchild of Nelson has brought a lot of joy and music in its own style - and on its own timeframe.

It all began after Nelson's participation in the 1972 Dripping Springs Reunion in Texas, despite the show being a huge flop due to bad marketing. In 1973, Willie Nelson's first 4th of July picnic took place at the same ranch in Dripping Springs, considering it was already concert ready. 

Due to safety concerns and lack of security starting off, the festival did not gain popularity until the 80's. For example, a car caught on fire in 1974 in the parking lot. We found a clip just to clue you into the chaos. Thankfully, due to time and customer feedback, safety and organization improved so that the concert could continue. 

So how did it go in 1983? Well, the festival didn't happen two years prior for one. Willie must have felt a need to ease back into it with a few all-day stadium shows. In 1983, the concert returned to the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA on July 4th, July 3rd at Giants Stadium in New Jersey, and July 2nd at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y.... A little confusing, but super interesting! 

If we have learned anything from Mr. Willy Nelson, it's that you never know when he's going to throw another sort of annual event. Here for it! 


  • It was one of the best concerts!! Great talent and fun times. I remember it being really hot but so was a lot of outdoor concerts in the summer.Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard , Stray Cats. My mom went with me, she loved it!

    Katherine Rich Richardson
  • One of the best times I have ever had!!! David Allen COE sky dived into the speed way.. Waylon was excellent!!! In fact the entire line up was awesome 😎… We were interviewed by a local news station!!! Lord if we could go back to the “good old days”!!

    Laura Parker

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