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Where did the Trucker Hat come from?

Why? Often asked when you see somebody wearing one. However, when appropriately paired, the trucker hat is an iconic and valuable fashion staple with origins far simpler (and even further from the frat party) than you may have imagined. Where did the trucker hat come from? Briefly, this style of cap appeared in the early 1960's as give aways at livestock and farm auctions (then known as a 'gimme cap'). Not too surprising, right? The style was an easy universally adapted fit that covered most normal sized heads and were cheap to produce - universal and cheap - so they were just what the marketing companies ordered. Coincidentally, most folks at these auctions who purchased feed/seed/supplies/machinery/tractors/whatever, drove trucks. Slap a business logo on the front of your skull and you're in business. And thusly, the trucker hat was born.
A handful of trucker hats in our warehouse waiting to be boxed and shipped.

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