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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we've got answers! 

Where are you located?

Our wholesale operations are located in West Midtown Atlanta, at 689 11th St. Suite A. You are able to schedule an appointment to come visit us or shop when we are open to the public during our monthly Saturday Sale!

How specific can I be on my order? 

All of our clothing is graded to sell in a typical vintage clothing store. When you place an order we simply go over to the container that holds that product and take the number you ordered right off the top. If you have specific needs please tell us and we’ll accommodate them if we can, but generally we try to make it as fair as possible by not depleting the grade of any one particular thing.

How much is shipping? 

This is the most asked question we get and the hardest to answer. The simple answer is we won’t know until you place the order. Shipping prices are a product of the size and weight of the package and how far it going. Until we box it up we don’t know the size and weight so can’t give you an exact answer. We do have discounts with several shipping companies and always shop it around to get the best price for you before we send you the final invoice.

However, we currently are only shipping for orders of 1k pieces of more. Smaller orders will have to be through in person appointments. 

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for wholesale customers is $750 for half a day, and $1500 for a full day. 

We are able to ship smaller wholesale orders. 

Can I get photos of my order? 

Sure, within reason! We’re happy to send you a text or email with a few photos of what we pulled so you can rest assured we have what you’re looking for.

Can we visit your warehouse? 

Of course! We’d love to have you. Make sure to call in advance so we can make sure you have the place to yourself.

We are open for appointments Monday - Friday, with appointment times of 9-1, 1-5, or 9-5. Be sure to call 404-268-7288 to schedule yours!

Can I see a price list? 

Absolutely! Email

Is there a wholesale mailing list?

Yes! Sign up for the latest information regarding our wholesale through this link.