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Rockies Jeans.

Rockies were born from a merger between two major western shirt manufacturers - the Miller Stockman Company and the Prior Company. Prior sold a line of women's denim under the brand name Rocky Mountain Jeans (which if you find today, are still Rockies, or shall was say, the O.G. Rockies). Miller Stockman ran with the idea of transitioning traditional western women's wear styles into more modern, updated categories. The super high waists, snazzy colors and CINCH BELTS (for men, too!) laid ground for alternative western wear for the modern customer. Although big brands like Wrangler and Levi's maintained their positions at the top of the game, Rockies and their imitators defined a fashion movement that will forever be solidified as a 90's staple. These jeans may not have been for real ropin' out on the plains but they sure did a hell of a good job lookin' sharp, anyway. From Sun Up to Sun Down - there's a Rockies fit for every mood.


  • I lived in my Rockies!

    Rockies understood how women are built.

    Mine is a very flat butt, and Rockies made it look like I had [at least] some curve to my booty 😊 They accentuated a smaller waist with an hourglass figure

    I think today’s manufacturers are neglecting a big market.

    Barb in Dallas
  • Loved ALL my rockies jeans. Those jeans were made for women. These jeans they have out have no flattery. Girls wearing guy jeans. No pockets on the butt were great.

  • Just turned 50 and all my memories as a teenager is rocky mountain jeans. As a business manager I have ideas and business growth. Yes have my grandkids have the same joy of having the great jeans I wore as a teenager

    Melissa Santa Maria
  • I concur with all these ladies! Bring back Rocky Mountain Jeans! Most comfortable jeans around! Yes, I miss the brand Rocky Mountain Jeans! Great fit, great look!

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    Regeina Wright

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